With SMILE, the lecturer can create multiple choice, multiple response and fill-in-the-blank quizzes and have students answer them during the lecture in order to activate the students.

The results are evaluated in real time to give students an immediate feedback on their current level of understanding. All quizzes, with added explanations and/or solutions, can be accessed after the lecture as well.

Learn-Quizzes (Beta)

In SMILE also the students have the possibility to create new quizzes. After certification of the lecturer these quizzes can be solved and commented by other students.

Creating quizzes about the content of the lecture is a good learning strategy and can assist students with the deeper processing of the content.




Are the students still able to follow the lecture? The live feedback can answer that question in real time.

The students post this feedback via a slider in SMILE (e.g. "Totally lost!" to "Alright!"). If the entire group signals that they are no longer "with them", the lecturer can react accordingly.

Long-term Evaluation

After the end of the lecture, the lecturer will have access to a long-term evaluation of the feedback which can provide some information about e.g. the understanding regarding different chapters.

Evaluation (Beta)

Lecturers can create periodic surveys to accompany the lecture, that the students can take during a set period of time via SMILE. This way, the students' feedback can be acted upon already during the course of the term, instead of only being useful for the following terms, as happens with conventional course evaluations. Thus students can directly profit from their own feedback.

Of course, this feature can be used in a number of different ways as well, such as creating surveys to have students help interactively shave the lectures.

Question & Answer

Question & Answer

Ask Questions

Ask questions whenever they occur - without interrupting the lecturer - with SMILE's Q&A feature!

Students can ask questions the moment they occur, without disturbing their fellow students or the flow of the lecture. The lecturers can react to the questions immediately or decide to come back to them in the tutorials.

Rate Questions

A voting function (similar to facebook's "Like" button) can be used to prioritize comments and helps the lecturer to decide which comments should be answered first.

Gamification (Beta)

Scores, Level & Leaderboard

SMILE's gamification module let's students score points by completing certain actions. Those actions comprise participating in and correctly answering quizzes, both in the lecture and at home, as well as submitting new learn-quizzes.

Scoring more points enables students to reach higher levels with names customized for the lecture. Additionally, they can compare their standing with the top ten of all students on the leaderboard. Students have the option to remain anonymous or choose a pseudonym.

Achievements & Badges

Answering quizzes in the lecture, at home, and correctly answering a quiz three times yield badges for the students. Achieving all badged of one type in a chapter is rewarded with the corresponding trophy.

Additionally, there are bronze, silver, and gold level achievements rewarded for certain actions, such as answering quizzes expeptionally fast or obtaining all badges on a set number of quizzes.